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***2017 WRS Christmas Party Door Prizes and Sponsor Information***
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Author:  Limpit [ Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:09 pm ]
Post subject:  ***2017 WRS Christmas Party Door Prizes and Sponsor Information***

The following is a list of this years door prize sponsors and the items they are donating for the Christmas party on Dec. 10th viewtopic.php?f=9&t=22601

Be sure to visit our sponsors websites and as always support those who support us.
This list will be updated as new items are added so be sure to check back often.
Thank you to Carl and Celeste for their help in contacting vendors for this years donations. :-bd

Goody bags will be available to the first 40 paid members (for at least 30 days) attending the Christmas party.
Paid members of at least 30 days will also receive free one ticket for the door prizes.
If we run out of goody bags each paid member (for at least 30 days) attending will still get a ticket.
(After hearing membership feedback and to make things easier we are making a small change on how things will be drawn so only one ticket will be needed.)

Like we did at the summer BBQ we will have thank you cards for members to sign that will be mailed to the generous vendors who donated items. We encourage all members to sign them as a show of appreciation.

Bulk Reef Supply
(*) BRS Dosing System


Best Fish:
(*) SeaClone 150
(*) SeaClone 100
(*) Lifegard Quiet One 4000
(*) Vertex Vessel 5.0
Vertex Libra Vessel S
Qty 2: Vertex Filter Mount 100
Cobalt Marine Flakes
Qty 5: Hikari Coraliac Delite
Small glass cleaner
Qty 3: Hikari Marine A Diet
Qty 2: wide point target feeders


Hamilton Technology
Qty 2: 36" Blue LED Strip w/transformer
Qty 2: Aqua Euro USA Pump


Koralia 240 GPH Circulation pump
Biokit Reef


Coral RX
Qty. 2: 8 oz. Coral RX Coral dip
1 oz. Coral RX industrial-strength Coral dip
Goodie bag items


Zoo Med:
(*) Nano 30 external canister filter
(*) Aquasun quad T5 HO 30 inch high output light fixture w/large assortment of bulbs
(*) Aquasun LED 24" light fixture
Aquasun LED 18" light fixture
Qty. 3-Power sweep 270 automatic self rotating wave maker
Qty. 3-Power sweep 160 automatic self rotating wave maker

Lots of goodie bag items.


Blue Life USA
Qty. 2- Clear FxPro filter media
Bundle of Rx items including Flatworm, RedCyano, Phos. and Aiptasia Rx
Assortment of filter socks


Coral Reef Supply
Assortment of aquarium additives


Limpit's Reef Buffet:

(*) One Years Supply (10 four oz. Original and 2 seven oz. Coral Blend) of Limpits Reef Buffet


Ship Your Aquatics
(*) Free shipment certificate
Goodie Bag items


WRS Member Rick Boyd (Arby07)
(*) 22 Gallon Deep Blue Frag Tank Kit

Rods Food
Qty 5 Frozen food Multi Packs


Author:  Limpit [ Sat Dec 16, 2017 2:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ***2017 WRS Christmas Party Door Prizes and Sponsor Information***

Some of the "gold" item winners:

BRS Dosing system donated by Bulk Reef Supply, won by xbatmanx

T5 HO fixture with bulbs donated by ZooMed, won by paul

SeaClone 100 donated by Best Fish, won by Waterbubblz6

SeaClone 150 donated by Best Fish, won by Willie

Vertex Vessel 5.0 donated by Best Fish, won by vetteguy53081

Aquasun 24" LED light donated by ZooMed, won by Arby07

Nano 30 canister filter donated by ZooMed, won by Joellen

One year supply of Limpits Reef Buffet donated by Limpits Reef Buffet, won by 808girl

$75 gift certificate donated by Ship Your Aquatics, won by coralfuture

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